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What Others Are Saying About My Soul Said to Me . . .

.Part personal memoir and part narrative of a groundbreaking prison literacy program, this book will probably be compared to Helen Prejean`s Dead Man Walking....Roberts` emotional attachment to his work is evident in his strong, evocative writing.... this worthwhile, important book offers a bright, optimistic window into the often horrific conditions that still exist in prisons today..."
--Publishers Weekly

.Our prisons are training camps in degradation, corruption and vicious violence. They disgrace our nation and endanger its future, because the criminal .justice. system and the behavior and values learned in prisons determine the education of millions of the nation.s children and youth. This book tells of one man.s courage .to do something about it.. As well, it challenges the courage of us readers to face our passive complicity that perpetuates the system. Roberts. personal account of step-by-step awakening in himself and the inmates he worked with places this book in our great and noble tradition of Reform.
--James Hillman
author, The Soul.s Code: In Search of Character and Calling

.It takes boldness, determination and an acute sense of service to the world in pain to do what Bob Roberts has done. His journey speaks to all souls who have heard the call to live at the edge courageously and sacrificially. To leave a cozy, well-remunerated profession for one that promises nothing but bad news, uncertainty and threat is to subscribe to recklessness. But Bob Roberts heard his call and responded wholeheartedly to it setting an example for all of us. This testimony should be read with the heart and held as evidence that playing it safe in life is disrespectful to our purpose..
--Malidoma Som?ɬb>
author, Of Water and the Spirit: Ritual, Magic, and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman

Bob Roberts. story is an incredibly moving and inspiring account of how one concerned man can make a huge difference in so many people.s lives. He is certainly a key player in the reform movement. His healing model is both effective and replicable, and goes right to the heart of the matter. A must read for anyone interested in human potential. Real heart stuff.
--Richard Gere
Actor and Activist

.This book could have been called The Soul in and out of Prison. Robert Roberts gave up an easy, untroubled life in order to experience what happens to men and women in prison. When he saw what that was, he worked to change it. This is a passionate, sobering story that paradoxically brings hope into dark places of the American psyche..
--Robert Bly
author, Iron John: A Book About Men

.I like books that trace a journey and show a seemingly impossible dream coming true. I was privileged to participate in the community circle of Project Return once, and I grasped immediately the source for its success . community. People gathered together, vulnerable, connecting to each other, finding their voices and sharing their lives in simple honesty. This story is a refreshing testimony but it.s also a roadmap to community and healing. And, most importantly, it.s a bright and gleaming sign of possibility that will inspire others to create ways to reach out and include the .least of these. which our society tends to throw away."
--Sister Helen Prejean
author, Dead Man Walking

.As Governor of Louisiana in the early 1980`s, I became exceedingly alarmed about our steadily increasing prison population and our very high rate of recidivism. Although some measures were enacted which targeted these problems, they continue to grow. An after-care program for released prisoners was desparately needed. We were blessed by the appearance about eight years ago of Dr. Bob Roberts, who gave up a comfortable life as a successful dentist to take on this challenge. This book chronicles a unique journey which has been successful in its goal of giving guidance and hope to hundreds of former offenders, leading many to productive lives and reducing the rate of recidivism. It is a truly inspiring story."
--Governor David C. Treen
Former Republican Governor of Louisiana

.My Soul Said to Me is a dramatic story of both personal and social transformation. Bob Roberts is one of the few prophetic voices of our time who can inspire us to more effective cooperative compassionate action on behalf of those who have had no advocates..
--Robert Moore, Ph.D.
Jungian analyst and author, The Archetype of Initiation: Sacred Space, Ritual Process and personal Transformation and Facing the Dragon: Confronting Personal and Spiritual Grandiosity

.Project Return is a revolutionary program in New Orleans that uses storytelling, myth, ritual, and poetry to help ex-offenders reenter life outside of prison. MY SOUL SAID TO ME charts Roberts. journey from being a successful but restless dentist to becoming one of America`s most progressive thinkers in the areas of racism, prison reform, and community building..
--Jim May, Storyteller