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An Unlikely Journey Behind the Walls of Justice

Spiritual journeys sometimes take us in a direction we never considered. Bob Roberts. led him downward, to shovel ashes from the smoldering fires of hatred and racism in a Louisiana prison, in a circle of fifty angry men.

Roberts had everything.a successful dental practice, a wife and children, and a comfortable, affluent lifestyle. He was a thrill-seeker who sought the adrenaline rush of stunt flying and racecar driving. Then something happened. He was asked by a lawyer/friend to fly him down to Angola State Penitentiary to interview a witness. While there he was horrified by the senseless and unimaginable cruelty he saw. This brief journey behind the walls of justice grew to be his wake-up call to leave his career of 20 years and begin a new life of struggle, sorrow, and passion. Then, much as the death-spiral moves he executed in his plane, his life spun out of control. He sought counseling to repair his failing marriage, sending him along a completely different path. While in therapy, Roberts became intrigued by the human psyche and its capacity for healing and went back to school to earn a masters degree in clinical social work and a doctorate in curriculum and instruction. Here he became connected with the community-building work of renowned psychiatrist and author M. Scott Peck. Peck mentored Roberts and encouraged him to begin his spiritual journey through exploring a different path. Roberts decided to try the community-building process out in the unlikeliest of places: a corporate board room, the Soviet Union, and then, a prison in Louisiana. Here his life was forever transformed, as would be the lives of hundreds of inmates and former offenders.

In this compelling memoir, you will be propelled with Roberts into an unforgettable journey behind prison walls. It is an astonishing voyage into Roberts. heart and his conscience through the experiences of society.s forgotten people.repeat offenders who had lost all hope of making a life for themselves outside of jail. What began as a literacy program evolves into sessions of shared soul-searching, grief work, and a celebration of prisoners. ancient cultural roots through drumming and traditional African storytelling. Set amidst the brutality and humiliation of prison, together they find a haven for healing and transformation; to the rhythm of the collective drumbeat they discover the unique song within themselves that had been silenced by years of abuse, addiction, self-hatred and hostility.

Exploring the darkest terrain of violence and human suffering, and the brightest regions of deliverance, human dignity and hope, My Soul Said to Me will change forever your view of criminal justice, your appreciation of deep relationships and freedom, and your ability to determine your own future. It is a story of deceit and honesty, cowardice and courage, prejudice and acceptance. Most importantly, it is the story of the power of friendship and the ability that lies within each of us to create a better world through commitment, determination, and the understanding that all of our souls came here with a purpose to fulfill.